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Product Details:

  • Oxygen-Infused Nasal Spray with Plant-Derived Zinc
  • 100% Natural and pH Balanced
  • Non-Medicated and Non-Drowsy
  • Alcohol-Free, Preservative-Free, and Drug-Free
  • Safe for Everyday Use and for the Whole Family

Benefits May Include:

  • Cleanse and Moisturize Nasal Passage
  • Help Relieve Congestion and Sinus Pressure and Discomfort
  • Soothe Irritated and Inflamed Nasal Tissues
  • Support Overall Immune Health

Breathe easier and get natural relief! Experience 100% natural alleviation for dry and congested nasal passages, enriched with the purifying properties of oxygen. O2 Immune™ nasal spray features an exclusive combination of sea salt, a proprietary bioavailable oxygen, and immunity-enhancing ionic zinc to cleanse and comfort sinus passageways while soothing inflamed and irritated tissues.

Gentle enough for daily use, this non-medicated, alcohol-free, preservative-free, drug-free, non-drowsy, and pH-balanced solution is suitable for the entire family. It is useful in providing fast relief from pressure and congestion, symptoms of pollens and allergens, dry climate, and flying and altitude.

O2 Immune™ contains ASO® Activated Stabilized Oxygen – a proprietary liquid oxygen solution that has been around for almost three decades with the roots of the technology going back to the 1950's. All natural, pH balanced, and brimming with life-giving oxygen molecules, ASO® offers great health benefits.

It also includes plant-derived zinc, which has been found to support a robust immune system, promote healthy skin and wound healing, and aid in proper cell growth and division. Furthermore, since it is sourced from plants, it offers greater absorption and bioavailability compared to some other forms of zinc.

For more information, refer to the Product Details document linked below.

Oxygen-Infused Nasal Spray

100% natural and safe for everyday use and for the whole family.