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B-EPIC® Comp Plan

Brand Partner Overview & Compensation Plan

Don’t miss your chance to be part of one of the most exciting cloud-based business opportunities today. Start now by signing up as a Brand Partner or by contacting the person who introduced you to B-EPIC®. We are excited for you to join our team and look forward to your success!

It costs nothing to start, and no prior experience is needed. Plus, you can work when and where you want, so you can build a business that fits your lifestyle and needs. To maximize our brand partners’ earning potential, we have one of the most consistently highest paying compensation plans in the industry. What’s more, you get to be part of something truly epic by representing a brand that is committed to helping people everywhere improve the quality of their lives.

View the 8 Ways to Earn with B-EPIC®.


As an Independent B-Epic Brand Partner, you can earn money plus get lots of perks.

  • Commissions and bonuses for product sales and new member sign-ups.
  • Discounted prices on all products, packs, and programs.
  • Exclusive access to special deals and limited time offers.

You also get everything you need to start building your successful B-Epic business, including tools, training, and support.

  • Professionally designed personal B-EPIC® website to promote your business.
  • B-Epic ecommerce store, dedicated customer support, and fulfillment services.
  • Complete online business and customer/order management system.
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based tools for ordering, sales tracking, and payouts.
  • Marketing and business building resources, training, and support.

Start Making Money Right Away

When you join as an independent Brand Partner, you can start making money right away simply for introducing others to the products and business opportunity. It’s fast and easy to sign up! Then with one product order, you’re in business!

Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!

As your business and team continue to grow, so do your opportunities to make even more. You can earn additional income through substantial commissions and bonuses as well as qualify for a percentage of your team’s volume.

Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!

As you move up in the ranks, you earn more and more! These bonuses can create a significant amount of additional income in your B-EPIC® business as your organization continues to grow.

Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!

Rank Qualifications & Compensation

B-Epic’s compensation plan is designed to maximize the earning potential of all our brand partners. It provides multiple ways for you to earn money, including an industry-leading bonus program.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

One of the quickest, simplest, and most fun ways to make money with B-EPIC® and build a great team is with our Monthly Lifestyle Bonus. In just three simple steps, you can earn up to a $700 USD bonus! Plus, you get paid this bonus every month that you qualify for it.

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Purchase a $89.95 USD (70 CV) or higher qualifying pack.
  2. Sponsor other Brand Partners…2, 3, 4, or 5. (The bonus amount is tied to the number you sponsor.)
  3. Teach them each to do the same (i.e., purchase and sponsor – each with a $89.95 USD / 70 CV qualifying pack or higher).

NOTE: If you order the B-ECO Fuel Tabs 3 pack ($50 USD), you can also earn a Monthly Mini Lifestyle Bonus, which is half (50%) the dollar amount of the regular Monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!

The Power of Teams: Two Team Pay

Making money with your B-EPIC® business is simple due to the power of our Two Team plan. The key to success is building a team of dedicated brand partners who share a common vision. To start just focus on one thing: Be a Qualified Brand Partner yourself and sign up other Qualified Brand Partners (placing half in each of your two teams). Then teach them each to do the same thing. It doesn't get any easier than that. View Chart and Explanation of Two Team Pay

Enjoy the Lifestyle Benefits

Create a life you love with your own online business!

Two Weekly Matching Bonuses

Plus, our Weekly Matching Bonuses reward you for helping others succeed. Every week you can earn two matching bonuses based on the performance of your team.

(1) Sponsoring Matching Bonus

As a Brand Partner, you get paid a 20% weekly check match on the collective Two Team Pay earned weekly by all your personally sponsored Brand Partners. As shown in the example to the right, as you build your team, the dollar amount of this weekly bonus rapidly skyrockets. What’s more, you can qualify for this bonus as soon as become a Brand Partner; no other qualifications are needed.

(2) Generation Matching Bonus

As a Gold Qualified Brand Partner or higher rank (and for as long as you maintain the rank or higher), you also get paid a 10% weekly check match on the collective Two Team Pay earned weekly paid on up to four generations of Golds or higher rank in your Sponsorship Organization (binary qualified based on Two Team Pay).

This bonus can create a significant amount of additional income each week in your B-EPIC® business since each generation can represent a large number of brand partners as shown in the example below.

View Explanation of Generations and Sponsorship Organization

Plus, Special Rank Bonuses for Diamond + Levels

Once you reach the Diamond levels, you receive a significant one-time new rank bonus when you first attain each higher Diamond rank.

To start, as a Diamond Qualified Brand Partner, every week you get paid a share of a 2% Global Bonus Pool of the total company-wide CV generated that week. Please note that the Global Pool Bonus is only for the Diamond Qualified Brand Partner rank; the higher-level Diamond ranks have a different cash bonus structure (see below).

Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!
Comp plan image!

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