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GR8 GREENS for Yourself

Product Details:

  • Strengthen Cardio Health and Immune Health
  • Improve Gut Health and Reduce Inflammation
  • Boost Overall Health and Energy Levels
  • Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels and Prevent Insulin Resistance

Benefits May Include:

  • Science-Based Cardio-Health Green Drink Mix
  • Made With Highest Quality Raw Greens Available
  • Certified Organic and Sustainably Grown Raw Greens
  • Contains L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

Fuel your body with delicious, nutritious greens! GR8 GREENS is a science-based cardio-health green drink mix that tastes great and is packed with bioavailable nutrition that fuels the body and helps bring it into a healthy state. Every serving provides the body with therapeutic amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. These vital organic compounds are essential for good health but are often depleted from our modern-day diets.

Our exclusive formula is made with the highest quality raw greens available anywhere in the world – certified organic and sustainably grown. These unique, vitamin- and mineral-rich greens are derived from one of only two inland seabeds on Earth and are grown in pristine ancient volcanic soil. From time of harvest – which only takes place twice each year – the fresh plants are juiced within minutes and immediately converted into our powerful green nutrient blend through a proprietary process.

GR8 GREENS contains a proprietary stack of three synergistic nutrient blends. Active Greens Blend nourishes the body, is great for the immune system and gut health, helps reduce inflammation, and boosts energy. Nitric Oxide Blend fuels the body’s natural processes to restore and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Insulin Sensitivity Blend is a holistic approach to helping the body regulate blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.

Plus, it is designed to support the natural healing processes that restore and strengthen cardiovascular health and prevent and reserve insulin resistance. Each serving provides 3,000 mg of L-Arginine and 1,000 mg of L-Citrulline, which Nobel Prize-winning research has found can help age-proof the cardiovascular system by naturally boosting the production of the powerful neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide.

For more information, refer to the Product Details document linked below.

Cardio-Health Green Drink Mix

Made with the highest quality raw greens available anywhere in the world.