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  • Month supply of B-Epic health supplements (pick from four pack options)
  • Program Guide and 7-Day Challenge Check-Off List
  • Daily online activities (Monday-Friday).
  • Facebook community to help you through your journey.

Additional Details:

  • Start whenever, wherever. (There is no set start date.)
  • Do it on your own or with a team.
  • See results in 7 days with our 7-Day Shred System.
  • Participate in giveaways to win awesome gear, cash prizes, and free products!

Create a life you love! The mission of the bmvmt system is to help you design your life rather than just live it by default. Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live day to day. It also entails creating intention and aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. bmvmt can be a powerful tool for you on your journey to creating the life you want and achieving your goals.

Implementing and sustaining change is not hard when you have the right plan, knowledge, and support. For this reason, we created the bmvmt 7-Day Challenge to help you kickstart a more healthy, balanced life and to quickly experience success. Then, after your initial seven-day challenge, you can build on and sustain that momentum by continuing to follow the bmvmt daily system and supplements to fully establish and embody the positive lifestyle practices and outcomes you desire.

There are four bmvmt product pack options to choose from, so you can select the one that best aligns with your goals and lifestyle. During your initial seven days using the bmvmt system, you will begin to experience the life-changing potential of B-Epic’s products, but their true power is achieved when used in a consistent and conscious manner. So be sure to nourish your body and mind every day!

When you start the bmvmt system, you also get to join our amazing bmvmt Facebook community. This highly active, joyful group is filled with support and inspiration from people just like you as well as invaluable insights and advice from experts in the field. There is always something exciting going on in our online community!

The life you want can be yours. And it all starts with you. So, start your bmvmt 7-Day Challenge today! For more information, refer to the Program Overview document linked to below.

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