Create a Healthier Lifestyle in 60 Days


Transform Your Life with B60

B60 Pack Includes:

  • 60-day supply of B-Epic health supplements: ELEV8, ACCELER8 (Restore and Sleep combo), and B-Epic's alkalizing water enhancer.
  • Complete B60 Challenge 60-day online program, including daily workout video links, digital guide, and community. (Program materials are loaded into your B-Epic Back Office upon purchase.)

Additional Details:

  • The perfect pack if you’re looking to make a real healthy lifestyle change and to support lasting, healthy habits.
  • Designed for the B60 Challenge 60-day healthy lifestyle program.
  • Includes some of our most popular products made from high-quality, natural ingredients with powerful health-enhancing properties.

Get ready to transform your life! Take the B60 Challenge to create lasting healthy habits and kickstart a healthier, happier lifestyle. Thanks to our 60-day challenge, people – just like you – are getting fit, feeling great, and having fun. You can too! B60 was created to help you make a real, healthy lifestyle change over a two-month period.

Our B60 Pack includes a 60-day supply of key B-Epic health supplements PLUS the complete online challenge program*, including daily workout videos and digital guide. (*Program materials are available in English and are loaded into your Back Office upon purchase.) You also get to be part of our worldwide B60 online community! Together, we’ll help you reach your goals, provide lots of support, and celebrate your successes.

Stop waiting. Start living! You might not be able to Add More Life to Your Years, but what if you could add MORE LIFE to your years? People all around the world have experienced a renewal of health and vitality thanks to B-Epic’s research-based products and programs. It is our commitment that you quickly experience the life-changing benefits for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? You’ll get fit and have fun! Start your B-Epic 60-day healthy lifestyle challenge today.

For more information, including list of ingredients and supplement facts, refer to the Product Details document linked to below.

Transform Your Life

Join our 60-Day Healthy Lifestyle Program.